Food & Beverages – Trade

Agricultural and food products have been the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Agriculture constitutes 15% of Indonesia’s GDP. Manufacturing (non oil & gas) constitutes 24% of GDP, and the largest share of manufacturing employment, production and value added in Indonesia is in food and beverage products manufacturing. Indonesian exporters have been delivering superior quality for high-value products such as seafood, coffee, tea, cocoa, coconut, as well as spices like cinnamon and vanilla beans.

SEAFOOD products constitute 5.5% of the total Indonesian exports to USA in 2013, and are set to grow by 40% in 2014. Shrimps, tuna and tilapia are the top three products exported to the US in frozen form. Many other products of high quality such as octopus, crabs and smoked fish are getting increased interest from US importers. More and more Indonesian maritime wealth is harvested sustainably, and over time, the Government of Indonesia provides stronger and stronger support for sustainable and legal fishing.

COFFEE & TEA from Indonesia have such unique aroma that manufacturers and importers from all over the world have looked to Indonesia to source them. Single-origin coffee – Sumatra, Bali, Papua, Toraja and Java – are well-known in the global coffee market. Luwak coffee has certainly taken the industry by storm with its exotic taste, and consumers are willing to pay extra-premium prices to drink it. As the sixth-largest producer of tea worldwide, black tea and green tea are the leading tea products that are geared for exports. Grown in the highlands in the archipelago, the quality of Indonesian tea is perfect for blending. There is also a growing movement of single-origin, artisan tea production.

COCONUT is gaining massive popularity in American diet. Ranging from coconut water to desiccated coconut from home cooking or industrial use, coconuts exports to the US have exceeded USD 100 million and will continue to grow. Coconut oil from Indonesia is the most popular product among coconut-derived products; it is known for the antioxidant properties and it is an amazing source of medium chain fatty acids which is easy to digest for the human body, and therefore, is the healthy option for those with diabetes or gallbladder problems.