Textile & Apparel – Trade

The USD 17 billion textile and apparel industry in Indonesia has supplied the international market with fabric and garments of admirable quality. Over 60% of manufactured clothing is exported and many major global brands have a manufacturing base in Indonesia.

The production capacity of the leading Indonesian manufacturers has surpassed international standards. For these manufacturers, ISO 9000 and 9001 is a given, as certifications for sustainable operations and production efficiency. Competitive production cost and high quality of output has been the result of these manufacturers’ commitment to success.

Indonesian batik as the trademark of Indonesia’s textile industry has increasingly received international recognition. Leading clothing brands have incorporate batik into their designs, whether on a dress, shirt or scarves. The batik segment itself has grown multifold in the last 5 years, supplying to the domestic market as well as export markets such as Germany, South Korea and the US. This success not only represents the industry-wide growth, but also the excellent capacity of small- and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia that produce hand-dyed batik fabric.

Knit and woven apparel made of cotton and synthetic blends, as well as footwear, are in the top 10 of Indonesian exports to USA. As a result, the industry has been able to employ and engage over 2 million people. Seeking to maintain textile and apparel as the largest segment in Indonesia’s exports, the Government of Indonesia will continue to support partnership building with traders around the world and domestic stability to bolster the economic challenges surrounding the industry.