Furniture – Trade

Indonesian furniture industry has a rich history with great variety of raw materials such as rattan, bamboo, teak and plywood. It has made up over USD 2.7 billion in exports to the global market, including China, India, Japan, EU and certainly USA.

The industry is very dynamic. There are numerous trade shows in Indonesia that showcase Indonesian exporters and innovative designs: Indonesia International Furniture Expo, Indonesia Furniture Show, Indonesia Furniture Fair, etc. There are also associations such as ASMINDO and AMKRI that work to expand in the domestic and global market. Indonesia seeks to be the leader in Southeast Asia in the next five years.

The industry has absorbed a large portion of the workforce. As it is a labor-intensive industry, the workforce is the most important component in the growth of the industry, and Indonesia is known for upholding fair living wages across the economy.

The creativity and craftmanship of Indonesian manufacturers has produced a great variety of designs and their flexible capacity enables them to take custom orders and deliver superior quality. Indonesian-made indoor and outdoor furniture equally have strong competitiveness. Sustainably-sourced hardwood is suitable for luxury livingroom and bedroom furniture, including sofa, bed frame, dressers and tables. Rattan and bamboo are the best-selling materials for outdoor furniture. Not only that they grow significantly faster than other materials, rattan and bamboo are durable and allow great flexibility in furniture design.