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Indonesian, US marines conduct joint exercise in Situbondo

The Indonesian Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance Force started a joint exercise program with the US Marines in Karangtekok, Situbondo district, East Java, on March 19, 2015.

The joint exercise with the United States Marine Corps is held at the Baluran Marine Corps Combat Training Centre in Karangtekok, code-named “Iron Lantern.” The training will conclude on April 10, 2015.

Marine Corps Commandant Major General (Mar) A. Faridz Washington said here Thursday that global situations, particularly maritime security, demand optimal readiness of the Marine Corps.

“To achieve the optimum level of readiness, the Marine Corps soldiers are required to possess the highest standards in terms of techniques and tactics to deal with various situations. Hence, Iron Lantern 15-5524 is expected to equip them with all requirements,” he stated.

The exercise focuses on land and sea fighting, from planning to execution phases.

During the exercise, Indonesian and US Marines will share their knowledge, especially their amphibious reconnaissance capabilities, jungle warfare, and sniper tactics, through both theory and practice sessions.

The Task Force Commander, Major Marine Freddy Ardianzah, remarked that Lantern Iron 15-5524 exercise aims to increase the knowledge and technical abilities as well as tactical reconnaissance of amphibious soldiers and to strengthen Indonesias friendship with the US Marine Special Forces in the military field.

He explained that curriculum for the exercise includes classroom theory and practice in the field.

Theory lessons consist of first aid for the victims of wars, combat patrols, identification techniques as well as action against explosives. Practical sessions will cover sniper shooting, urban warfare operations, swamp forest patrols, initiated swimming exercises, amphibious raids, advanced coastal surveillance, and other survival techniques.

Source: Antara News