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Asia-Africa Conference Nearly Ready to Roll

Indonesia is preparing jubilant celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of a conference that eventually laid the foundation for the non-aligned movement – and with less than two weeks to go they’re 90% ready, says a main host.

Arrmanatha Nasir, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said preparations have centered around logistics – which can be hard to organize in a crowded, gridlocked-plagued city like Jakarta – and the issues that will be discussed in meetings and summits held from April 19-24.

Known as the Asia-Africa Conference, the 1955 gathering brought leaders from Asia and Africa to Bandung, Indonesia, to discuss the role the developing world would play in the future global economy, peace and security during the Cold War. The non-aligned movement still holds regular summits and is recognized by the United Nations, but it largely fell into irrelevance after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, ending the Cold War, and many of its founding members fell out of power in their countries or became embroiled in conflicts. (…continue reading)

Source: The Wall Street Journal