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Bali Exports One Million Sculpture Crafts

Bali exported a million stone sculpture crafts to several countries and has earned the country US$15 million in revenue between January and June this year, Head of Section of Foreign Trade of Bali Department of Trade and Industries Made Suastika stated.

The sculptures shaped like various animals such as frog, horse, or primordial man have been exported to several countries for ornaments in gardens, houses, or offices, Suastika said on Sunday.

Bali exported many sculptures and souvenirs made from limestone in Silakarang, Batubulan, and Gianyar Region.

The main markets of limestone sculptures is US and Australia, in addition to other European countries, one of the sculpture craftsman I Ketut Kencana, said in his workshop.

Kencana pointed out that Buddha statue in various sizes also appealed international markets such as Japan, France, Germany, and other European countries. Meanwhile, demand for antique sculptures and other crafts made from limestone is still strong.

The export commodities, mostly sculptures in various shapes and sizes, are able to attract the attention of foreign tourists who were enjoying a holiday on the Dewata Island.

The foreign tourists liked to watch a variety of sculptures made from limestone displayed at art shops along the roadside in the Batubulan Village, 15 kilometers northeast of Denpasar.

If they are interested in the sculptures and crafts, they will buy one or two, then later order in a lot of numbers.

He said tourists also buy sculptures to be later resold in their countries.

Source: TEMPO.CO