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Indonesian SAR team rated among the best in the world

National Search and Rescue Agency Chief Marshall Henry Bambang Soelistyo announced that his institution was rated as one of the best search and rescue (SAR) agencies worldwide during the Asia-Pacific SAR Meeting 2015.

“Basarnas was recognized as one of the best teams in the world by achieving a grade value of above 90 points similar to SAR agencies from advanced countries, such as Canada, the United States, and China,” he noted here on Monday.

The grade value was computed based on several capability points of the international SAR agencies presented during the Asia-Pacific SAR Meeting 2015 in Australia.

Bambang pointed out that Basarnas was ranked higher than other SAR agencies from the ASEAN countries, including Singapore and Malaysia.

The chief stated that several successful search efforts, such as AirAsia QZ8501 and Trigana Air evacuations have contributed to the track record of Basarnas.

“These two tragedies have drawn important attention to Basarnas performance,” Bambang added.

Thus, the countries attending the SAR meeting want to gain further knowledge on Basarnas team and preparation management to better handle future evacuation operations.

According to Bambang, other SAR agencies are also keen to know how Basarnas coordinates with the media and the victims relatives, an area in which other nations often faced difficulties.

Thus, the achievement of Basarnas can support Indonesia to gain the trust of other nations to develop a giant program, including the maritime axis program.

“The maritime axis program is related to the trust of other nations, particularly the safety guarantee,” Bambang added.

Source: ANTARA News