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RI underscores importance of comprehensive approaches to overcome terrorism

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi highlighted the importance of adopting comprehensive approaches to deal with terrorism at the Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF) held in New York on September 27.

Marsudi also stressed the need to involve all stakeholders and to strengthen intelligence cooperation in counterterrorism efforts, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry noted in a press statement released on Tuesday.

At the meeting co-chaired by the United States secretary of state and the Turkish foreign minister, GCTF member states praised Indonesia for its persuasive approaches and people-based activities to thwart terrorism, the ministry said.

The Dutch foreign minister specifically lauded the Indonesian government for carrying out people-based activities to promote tolerance and moderation.

The GCTF is an informal forum initiated by the United States to enhance global cooperation to fight terrorism.

Indonesia and Australia are the initiators and co-chairmen of the GCTF Detention and Reintegration Working Group.

MIKTA is an innovative partnership that brings together Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea (ROK), Turkey, and Australia. Earlier, Marsudi had also proposed that Indonesia would host an interfaith dialog on counterterrorism cooperation among MIKTA members.

Interfaith dialog is an essential part of the persuasive approaches to deal with terrorism, Marsudi pointed out.

She also proposed intelligence cooperation and information exchange among MIKTA members as the other concrete forms of cooperation to fight terrorism.

“Indonesia is always committed to fighting terrorism. The issue of terrorism must be handled comprehensively through prevention, early detection, legal measures, and rehabilitation,” she added.

Source: ANTARA News