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1.  Indonesia is planting one billion trees every year to sustain its status as the second-largest tropical rainforest country in the world. Indonesia’s tropical wilderness is the second-most biologically diverse in the world: the giant Komodo dragon (endemic only to Indonesia), the rare Javan rhinoceros and Sumatran tiger, as well as an array of orangutans, elephants, and leopards are all found in the jungle forests.

2.  Indonesia boasts the world’s most extensive coral reefs. The country encompasses about 18 percent of the total coral reefs around the world.

3.  Indonesia has the world’s largest amount of orchid biodiversity, with six thousand species of orchids, ranging from the Tiger Orchid, the world’s largest orchid, to the Taeniophyllum, which has no leaves and is only 1/4-inch wide. This diverse array of species also includes the Black Orchid, which is extremely rare and can only be found in Papua.

4.  Indonesian cuisine is based on Chinese, European, Middle Eastern, and Indian influences, and the vibrant and colorful food varies a lot by region. Indonesia has over five thousand traditional recipes, which usually involve rice served with side dishes of fish or chicken, vegetables, spices and coconut milk.

5.  The phrase “run amok” has Malay-Indonesian roots. The word “amok” originated from the Indonesian word, “mengamuk,” which roughly translates to “to make a furious and desperate charge.” In Malay/Indonesian culture, it was believed that Amok was caused by hantu belian, an evil tiger spirit that entered one’s body and caused one to do heinous acts.

6.  The word “ketchup” in English has a common etymological origin with the Indonesian word for soy sauce— “kecap.”

7.  U.S. bilateral goods trade with Indonesia exceeded $27 billion in 2014. Principal U.S. exports to Indonesia include transportation equipment, including aircraft, food and agricultural products, machinery and equipment, and chemicals. Principal imports include agriculture, knit apparel, rubber, machinery and footwear.

8.  Indonesia produces 20 percent of the world’s liquid natural gas and the country is the largest single supplier worldwide. Indonesia is a major producer of cloves and nutmeg and ranked first in the world in terms of production. Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood, which makes up 80 percent of the supply to the world.