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5 essential startup tips from the people who rule Indonesia’s tech world

One of the most difficult things about talking to successful people in the tech world is seeing through the layers of PR-department lacquer that get painted over their companies. We want juicy details on lucky successes and frustrating challenges – instead, we get rehearsed lines about starting in a garage or a college dorm, and a smooth little narrative of rising to the top.

That’s why a session called Panel Without Fear at last week’s Tech in Asia Jakarta conference was such a breath of fresh air. Helmed by the ever-provocative Magnus Ekbom, CEO of ecommerce site Lazada Indonesia, the talk dove deep into the frustrating, complicated, and real world of running a successful tech company.

Magnus grilled fellow panelists Alexander Rusli, CEO of Indonesian telecoms giant Indosat, Patrick Williamson, VP and director of business development and strategy at media powerhouse Kreatif Media Karya (KMK), and Nabilah Alsagoff, COO of Doku, Indonesia’s largest electronic payments provider.

The four talked hard truths on startup valuations, mentors, infrastructure, and more. The talk was heated, funny, and above all, informative. If you want to know what it takes to succeed in Indonesia, these are the people to listen to.

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