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Indonesia Completes 4G Frequency Refarming

Indonesia’s Communications Ministry says it has completed assigning, or “refarming,” permits for high-speed cellular data transmissions, as it paves the way for the nationwide rollout of 4G LTE services.

The refarming of the 1,800-megahertz frequency, previously used for the now-obsolete 2G network, should give cellular carriers greater bandwidth for 4G data connections, said Lis Sutjiati, an adviser to the communications minister.

“After months of sleepless nights, the refarming of the 1,800 MHz frequency has finished,” she told reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday. “The 4G LTE service [on that frequency] is now ready nationwide.”

Communications Minister Rudiantara had previously targeted completing the refarming by the end of September, but the work fell behind schedule.

Carriers began offering 4G services on the 1,800 MHz band in selected cities in July, migrating from the crowded 900 MHz band, and are upgrading infrastructure to expand coverage nationwide.

Source: The Jakarta Globe