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Foreign Ministry and Creative Economy Agency to Strengthen Synergy

​RI Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, A.M. Fachir and Head of the Creative Economy Agency, Triawan Munaf, agreed to strengthen synergy and the support of economic diplomacy during their meeting at the MFA (06/01). The Vice Minister encouraged the Agency to make full use of the Ministry’s resources, especially Indonesian missions overseas to advance the national creative economy sector.

The Foreign Ministry will support the development of creative economy, including access to information, international cooperation, and market access through optimal use of Indonesian missions overseas, including utilizing the potential of Indonesian Diaspora and through networking and cooperation to advance the potential of the national creative industry.

One of the main issues in developing creative economy is the protection of intellectual property rights, including optimization of economic benefit of various sectors of Indonesian creative economy. Several tangible steps that will be taken include identifying potential country partners for creative industry cooperation, including strategies for overseas promotion and marketing.

The Vice Minister and Head of the Creative Economy Agency will compose a program of concrete activities for 2016 and enhance communication, coordination, and synergy to maximize output and performance to achieve the various goals that have been set by the Working Cabinet.

Source: Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs