Indonesian Autonomous Boats to Compete in International Event

The Makara 5 and Makara 6 boat built by the Autonomous Marine Vehicle Team (AMVT) of Universitas Indonesia will soon compete in the AUVSI Roboboat Competition 2016 held in the United States next July.

Both of the ships, which employs unmanned vehicle technology was built to help find or evacuate disaster victims at sea. “[The boat] is autonomous, not controlled [manually] by hands,” said Faisal A.B, a member of the AMVT as quoted by Antara last Monday, May 9, 2016.

Measuring at 120cm x 60cm x 120 cm, the hull of Makara 5 was built out of roping and fiber-composite materials, and comes equipped with batteries for its power supply, speed controller, GPS, WiFi, camera, and steering control.

The boat will compete with other competitors to achieve four predetermined objectives.

In addition to Makara 5, the team also built the Makara 6, a smaller boat made out of PVC materials.

“The Makara 6 was built for visual observation,” said Hitomi Hadinuryana, another member of the AMVT.

Hitomi explained that Makara 6 has the ability to record video, take pictures, and detect submerged object.

Source: TEMPO