From the community: Get Closer with Indonesia at the Remarkable Indonesia Fair 2016

Chicagoans will have the opportunity to get closer with Indonesia despite the distance of 15 thousand km from their city. The Remarkable Indonesia Fair 2016 will be happening this Saturday at the Hilton Chicago. Those who often visit multicultural events across Chicago may have noticed the beauty of Indonesian dance and music through the performances of the Consulate’s Nusantara Performing Troupe.

At the Fair, there would be more performances, ranging from dance, angklung and even the gamelan. The concert “Harmony in Diversity”, which comprise of several traditional dances from different ethnic groups, will eminently represent Indonesia’s diversity.

“As the highlight of the event, there would be a fashion show tuned to the melody from the gamelan played by the Friends of the Gamelan (FRoG), who have ensemble the instruments for 33 years”, the Indonesian Acting Consul General, Eni Hartati said on Thursday (21/7).

The Fair will also showcase batik, the quintessential Indonesian textile. Having been established as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on 1999, Indonesian Batik is set to get international recognition as one of the riches of the human civilization. “People of Chicago will love batik. They have a very good sense of art and fashion”, she mentioned.

Batik showcasing in the Fair will include talkshow on its position as the most precious Indonesia’s intangible assets, to the workshop of batik painting. The visitor may revisit this challenging, yet-mesmerizing process here at the Fair. The artist uses a tool called canting to write the wax onto the cloth and dye it using both natural dyes and synthetic dyes. The dying process may take several times to get the desired color.

This event would be worth of attention as it would spoil the needs of entrepreneurs, fashionistas, and travel enthusiasts. “With all its beauty, Indonesia brings opportunities and convenience to invest in trade and tourism, and we want to make sure this message reaches the public in Chicago”, Hartati added.

Indonesia’s tourism experts from Indonesia and the US will also provide the visitor with more information about the Indonesia. They will present numerous potential destinations for tourist, along with its wonderful nature, rich history, diverse culture and well preserved tropical forests.

Source: Chicago Tribune