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North Kalimantan targets to become energy conservation province

North Kalimantan hopes to become an energy conservation province, as it has 1.3 million hectares of conservation forest and 1.6 million hectares of protected forest.

The message was delivered by Governor of North Kalimantan Irianto Lambrie in Tanjung Selor through a statement on Friday at the “Heart of Borneo” Green Ecotourism Workshop on Tuesday (Aug. 2).

To achieve these goals, the governor highlighted the need to innovate, create, communicate, and expand connectivity by increasing the use of technology to establish synergy by using the capabilities of our human resources.

One of the sectors most likely to grow by applying these steps is tourism, which includes creative economy, by developing the various areas of potential in the sector.

According to Lambrie, Heart of Borneo has been identified as a national strategic area that borders three countries and has become a priority of the current government to be developed in accordance with the Government Regulation No. 26 of 2008.

According to the national spatial plan, the National Strategic Area “Heart Of Borneo” has a land area spanning 16 million hectares, of which five million hectares is in North Kalimantan Province, or some 22 percent of the total area is marked for the development of the region.

“We developed North Kalimantan by exploiting the natural resources to improve the welfare of the community,” Lambrie stated as he invited all parties to utilize the natural resources, which can serve as an energy source to supply electricity to Indonesia.

Source: ANTARA News