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Govt Shuts Down Dozens of Illegal Music and Movie Websites

Jakarta. The antipiracy task force of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, or Bekraf, has shut down dozens of websites that were allegedly involved in illegally copying and distributing copyrighted music and films.

“We have blocked 22 websites with illegal music content and 22 other with illegal movie content,” antipiracy task force chief Ari Juliano Gema said in Jakarta on Tuesday (11/10).

Although the action is considered to be effective in reducing the number of internet users visiting such websites, it is easy for their owners to keep setting up new ones.

Shutting down websites with illegal content has reportedly diminished online gambling and blocked the distribution of pornographic content, which has been their main form of income.

“If their [website] traffic is interrupted, there will be no commercial transactions. Illegal websites will have a hard time to survive, especially with the high cost of a webserver,” Ari said.

Ever since the task force was established in 2015, it has been working closely with the National Police, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to overcome digital piracy in Indonesia.

Piracy can cost a film company more than Rp 4 billion ($300,000) per film, “while music piracy has inflicted financial losses of Rp 4 trillion since 2010,” Ari said.

He added that with the current complaint mechanism and effective action plan to crack down on illegal content such as music and films, the task force is expected to boost Indonesia’s economy.

“We all hope that the creative sector could fill the gap in state revenue because income from mining and oil and gas has been declining recently,” Ari said.

Source: The Jakarta Globe