G20 Must Contribute to a Safe, Stable, and Prosperous World

“The countries of the G20 share a common responsibility and interest to create a world that is safer, more stable, and prosperous,” said RI Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi at the G20 Ministerial Meeting during the session on Maintaining Peace in A Complex World, in Bonn, Germany.

The Minister reminded that the global situation is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain, including conflicts, humanitarian tragedies, terrorism, populist sentiment, and Islamophobia in various countries. The Minister also made clear that differences in national interests should not lead to division, and certainly not conflict. In this regard, there needs to be a comprehensive approach, including common efforts to prevent or resolve conflicts peacefully. ” The countries of the G20 have a responsibility to to continue being part of the solution to various complex global challenges,” said the Minister.

The Minister also conveyed the importance of the UN’s role in helping maintain global peace and stability. In this regard, the RI Foreign Minister focused on the role and effectiveness of the UN in peacebuilding. The Minister invited the members of the G20 to strengthen support for the UN’s peacebuilding role among others by guaranteeing funding that is sure, adequate and sustainable for UN peacebuilding activities. Read more…