President Affirms Importance of Private Sector-Government Partnership in IORA

President Joko Widodo hopes for a closer partnership between the private sector and Government within IORA. The goal is to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), women, and youth. The three are the main strengths of IORA.

This was stated by the President in his opening speech at the IORA Business Summit as part of the IORA Leaders’ Summit held at the Jakarta Convention Center today (Monday, 6/3). Also in attendance at the Business Summit was South African President Jacob Zuma.

“We need businesspeople to create solutions in facing callenges and opportunities in the Indian Ocean region,” said President Jokowi in explaining Indonesia’s determination to link its maritime fulcrum vision with IORA cooperation.

The IORA businesspeople are requested to bring the best digital technology for SMEs, women and youth. They must reap the benefits of globalization, mobile internet, and smartphones. Read more…