Plenty of room to expand Indonesia-US trade: US Embassy

Despite rising concerns that the United States will soon adopt protectionist economic policies, high-ranking US officials have said that there is still plenty of room to expand bilateral trade between Indonesia and the US.

“I think there’s room for expansion on both sides. Some US importers feel that there’s restriction on the Indonesia side,” said Brian McFeeters, deputy chief of mission with the US Embassy in Indonesia, on Wednesday (3/15).

The Indonesian Trade Ministry shares McFeeters’ view, promising that Indonesia will be able to expand exports of particular products to the US.

Indonesia and the US jointly organized a workshop on Wednesday in a bid to improve trade between the two nations.

The workshop on “Key Aspects of Good Regulatory Practice” is aimed at deepening delegates’ knowledge in making international trade standards that will help boost trade and economic development.

McFeeters emphasized that trade standards and policies needed to involve all stakeholders through easy tools like user-friendly websites that can accommodate input from various parties.

Indonesia also needs to introduce and familiarize standards to all stakeholders and regional leaders to provide transparency and smooth out the trade process, he said.

The US was the third largest non-oil-and-gas export market for Indonesia last year. Total sales to the US reached US$15.68 billion, while purchases from the US only hit $7.18 billion.

Source: The Jakarta Post