President Jokowi Signs Presidential Regulation on General Planning for National Energy

To implement Article 12 paragraph (2) and Article 17 paragraph (1) of Law Number 30 of 2007 on Energy, the Government deems it necessary to stipulate the General Planning for National Energy (RUEN).

For that reason, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on 2 March 2017 signed a Presidential Regulation Number 22 of 2017 on the General Planning for National Energy (RUEN).

The Presidential Regulation states that RUEN is a policy of the Central Government on a plan to manage the national energy, which is an elaboration and the implementation plan of the multi-sectoral National Energy Policy (KEN) aimed at meeting the objectives of the National Energy Policy.

In the meantime, the National Energy Policy (KEN) is a policy in managing energy based on the principles of being equal, sustainable, and environmental friendly to materialize national energy independence and security.

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