President Joko Widodo Attends 30th ASEAN Summit in Manila


The theme of the 30th ASEAN Summit is “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World” which aims to drive the unity of ASEAN members and partners at the global level to serve as active allies in creating a prosperous future for the entire ASEAN and global communities.

The Summit was divided into two sessions, a plenary and a retreat. The plenary session will discuss the development of the ASEAN Community while the retreat session will focus on exchanging views on regional issues. The President will convey issues of interest to Indonesia in ASEAN, among others enhancing ASEAN efforts to maintain regional stability and security, including in the South China Sea and Korean Peninsula. Also discussed was increasing ASEAN’s relevance for the people, mindful of the rising inward-looking and anti-regional sentiments in America and Europe.

In addition, Indonesia has pushed for strengthening migrant worker protection through accelerating the finalization of instruments for the protection of migrant workers’ rights which has reached the final phase. In the economic field, negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) must soon be completed to narrow the development gap in the region. Indonesia must also give particular attention in responding to various transnational challenges.

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