Foreign Minister Meets Speaker of the House, Affirms Importance of Indonesia as Democratic, Muslim-majority Country


As the largest Muslim majority country in the world and the third largest democracy which upholds pluralism and diversity, Indonesia is an important partner in maintaining peace and security as well as developing common prosperity in the region.

That was the main point conveyed by RI Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in her meeting with US House Speaker Paul Ryan in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. (04/05).

The Minister conveyed that Indonesia wishes to develop cooperation in the field of mutually beneficial trade and investment.

“The economies of both countries complement each other so there is great potential to develop cooperation together,” she said.

Related to cooperation in eradicating radicalism and terrorism, Minister Marsudi affirmed that it is a challenge for all countries and requires closer cooperation. It was emphasized that efforts to resolve this issue requires both hard and soft power approaches concurrently.

“I underline that there needs to be a global effort in building a counter-narrative that Islam is a blessing for the world and that terrorism is unrelated to any religion, including Islam. To associate religion with terrorism not only isn’t right but is a source of new problems,” she added.

Minister Marsudi also conveyed the importance of the support from US Congress so that various forms of bilateral cooperation can continue to develop.

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