Papua to host Sentani Lake Festival 2017 in June

Sentani Lake Festival (FDS) is back with its 10th  edition in Khalkhote, East Sentani, Papua. The festival will be held from June 19 to 23 and will feature traditional dances performed on boats such as the Papuan war dance, traditional ceremonies like the Ondoafi coronation and Papuan traditional dishes.

“Three main FDS agendas apart from the archipelago carnival are cultural performances, Papuan arts exhibition and touring,” said the ministry’s archipelago tourism marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

This year’s theme is “Satu Dalam Keanekaragaman Meraih Kejayaan” (One in Diversity to achieve Greatness), bearing the message of putting aside any differences between tribes and to have a prosperous society.

“We believe that FDS will be able to improve the welfare of the society not just during the event but also after. It is hoped that through this event, visiting tourists will know more about the potentials that the locals have especially in terms of culture, friendliness of the people, handicraft products and the beautiful that nature we have so that more tourists will come in the future,” added Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw.

Source: The Jakarta Post