RI, G33 Calls for the Importance of Food Security in WTO


Indonesia along with a coalition of 47 developing member countries of the WTO (G33) called for the importance of food sovereignty and security. This appeal appeared in the event at the WTO headquarters, Geneva (31/5) entitled “Delivering Development in MC11: Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes (PSH) and Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM)”.

The meeting opened by the Director General of WTO Roberto Azevedo aims to open the WTO members’ views on the importance of safeguard instruments as safety nets to protect the interests of small and poor farmers in developing countries.

“The meeting is also aimed at realizing food security, livelihood security and rural development,” Ambassador Hasan Kleib said in his opening remarks, conveying Indonesia’s hope that the meeting could contribute to the process of negotiating the two issues at the WTO.

In his statement to the Foreign Ministry’s Portal, Hasan Kleib said the WTO member countries are negotiating the agreed form and format of SSM and PSH.

“Especially in the context of organizing the 11th KTM WTO in Buenos Aires, December 2017,” he added.

SSM is an instrument of protection to small and poor farmers in the event of import flooding. PSH is a protective instrument for small and poor farmers through purchasing and sales mechanisms by the Government on domestic agricultural products.

For Indonesia, the approval of both instruments in the WTO will provide greater policy space for the Government to implement various policies to achieve food security and sovereignty.

The instrument also has the potential to help poverty reduction through smallholder and poor empowerment programs.

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