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Indonesia Condemns Terror Attack in Barcelona, Spain

Indonesia condemned the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain on August 17, 2017. The attack claimed 13 lives and left dozens injured.

The Indonesian Government and people expressed their deep condolences and solidarity to the victims and their families affected by this attack.

Until now, there is no report on Indonesian citizens among victim list that’s been released by Spanish authority.

The Government reminds Indonesian citizens in Spain, especially in Barcelona, to increase their awareness, keep assessing the development of the situation and condition of places to be visited, also to avoid places that might be the target of terror attacks.

According to the database of Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, there are about 1620 Indonesians in Spain, with around 120 of them lives in Barcelona.  

Indonesian citizens who need any information and assistance can contact the emergency telephone number of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia: +34 619 31 23 80. The address of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Madrid is Calle de Agastia, 65, 28043, Madrid. 

Indonesian Citizens also can contact these numbers below:

​> ITPC Barcelona, Carrer d’Aribau, 250, 08006 Barcelona (Tel: Muhammad Deden/Head of ITPC Barcelona +34 608 683018)

> Indonesian Students Association Barcelona (Tel: PIC. William +34 654 341834)

> Indonesian Diaspora in Barcelona (Tel: PIC. Abie Kurniawan +34 654 734636)

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs