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Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi Arrives in Naypyidaw to Discuss Indonesian Hospital Construction in Rakhine

Naypyidaw, Myanmar: RI Foreign Minister, Retno LP Marsudi, along with Indonesian Ambassador in Yangon and delegation, have arrived in Naypyitaw, Myanmar at 09.00 a.m. local time (4/9). In addition to meeting Myanmar State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Foreign Minister Retno will conduct a series of meetings with the Commander of the Myanmar Armed Forces, Myanmar Foreign Minister, and other Myanmar ministers and officials.

Arriving in Naypyidaw, RI Foreign Minister Retno discussed the progress of the Indonesian Hospital construction process located in Myauk U, Rakhine State.

“The construction of the first phase of the Indonesian Hospital has been completed. This first stage includes soil backkfill so that the hospital is not prone to flooding and construction of a fence,” RI Foreign Minister Retno explained.

 The construction of Indonesia Hospital currently enters stage II, which is construction of  doctors’ and nurses’ rooms. It is planned that the construction of phase II will be completed within two months. After that in stage III, the construction of the main hospital building will commence. The hospital building occupies approximately 8000m2 of land with a building area of more than 1000m2.

The implementation of the hospital’s construction is fully undertaken by Myanmar contractors and workers, composed of Rakhine and Muslims. This process of renewal through economic activity is expected to assist the reconciliation process of inter-communal tensions that exist in the Rakhine State.

The construction of the Indonesian Hospital is very much expected by the people in the Rakhine region. It is expected that with the completion of the construction of the hospital, then the health service for all people in Rakhine State will be able to run well.

Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs