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The Groove of Sumatra Captivates the Audience at the Kennedy Center

Three Indonesia’s DC-based cultural groups – House of Angklung, Saroha USA, and Rumah Gadang USA – captivated more than 300 attendees on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. through a beautiful collaborative performance The Groove of Sumatra on September 30. They took the audience on a melodic and rhythmic journey to Sumatra, one of the largest islands in Indonesia, with music and dance.

Ambassador Bowoleksono reiterated his commitment to introduce Indonesia’s rich culture to the American public. In addition, Ambassador Bowoleksono emphasized that presenting Indonesian culture and performing arts in prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center could help strengthen Indonesia’s public diplomacy efforts in the United States.

Saroha USA showcased Dembas Simenguda dance from North Sumatra, followed by Rumah Gadang USA who presented Saluang Dendang Minang Si Jobang from West Sumatra. House of Angklung highlighted the evening with their rattled bamboo instruments from West Java, performing several songs from Sumatra.  At the end of the performance, the audience had an interactive experience playing angklung.