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“Wonderful Indonesia” Displayed on DC Public Transportation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Public transport in DMV is a strategic media for us to launch our Wonderful Indonesia campaign. I hope this can raise awareness and could attract more Americans to visit Indonesia” says Budi Bowoleksono, Indonesian Ambassador to the United States when launching a stunning advertisement of Dive Indonesia at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Friday (10/6).

Wonderful Indonesia campaign has its full support from the Office of Mayor of DC and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. This campaign is taking the benefit of public transportation in DC to introduce Indonesia to the general public in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The posters, which are also placed at six Metro stations and 10 bike shares, depict seven breathtaking tourist locations including diving sites in Wakatobi, Bunaken, and Raja Ampat; Borobudur Temple; Komodo Island; Lombok beach; Modern Jakarta; Toba Lake; and Bali. 

“It is of our belief that the bilateral relations between Indonesia and the US should also be represented by direct people-to-people contact from both countries. This campaign is part of our efforts to give clearer picture of what Indonesia is all about to the greater audience here. We are hoping, more Americans will visit Indonesia.” Ambassador Bowoleksono continued.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Office of DC Mayor, Madam Lauren C. Vaughan, who also presents during the launching says, ”We support this initiative, and it will certainly create curiosity of the public in DC to know more about Indonesia”.

Statistics from Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism explained that about 296,000 American tourists traveled to Indonesia last year. It sits at 12th as the most visitors to Indonesia.

The government of Indonesia has eased the procedure for the US citizen to visit this archipelagic country by applying visa free regime since last year.

Wonderful Indonesia will be held during the month of October. This initiative is taking the momentum of Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group which is held from October 9 -15, 2017. Indonesia is scheduled to be the next host in Bali next year.