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Indonesian Student Introduces Tempe at Harvard

Amadeus Driando Ahnan (Ando), doctoral student of Food Science Program at the University of Massachusetts and founder of Indonesian Tempe Movement, was invited to speak about tempe to Harvard Global Health Shared Interest Group at Harvard Business School on November 7, 2017.

In his presentation entitled Why Would “Food for the Poor” Tempe Matter for Global Health?, Ando shared facts about tempe and its role in global health. Tempe is not only nutritious, but also more sustainable protein source. To produce tempe only needs 10% of the total energy required to produce beef. Moreover, tempe is affordable among other protein sources. In the United States, 8oz of tempe (contain 40 gram of protein) costs around $1.99. In Indonesia, tempe is not only a staple food, but it also empowers the local society and develops community.

The Indonesian Embassy supported Ando and his organization to present tempe at Harvard Business School. Ambassador Budi Bowoleksono stated that the support from the Embassy is a strategic synergy to promote tempe as a product of Indonesia to the American people.