Construction of Indonesian Hospital in Rakhine State Begins

Naypyidaw, Myanmar – The construction of the Indonesian hospital in Myaung Bwe, Rakhine State Myanmar was officially started with a ground breaking ceremony (19/11).

The event was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador for Myanmar Ito Sumardi, as the representative of the Government of Indonesia, Minister for Rakhine State Issues of Myanmar, the representative of the Ministry for Health of Myanmar, the representative of MERC, community leaders, Buddhist and Islamic religious leaders, as well as hundreds of local people.

Considering that the ground breaking event took place in  the northern part of Rakhine State which is still considered a troubled area, on a last minute request from the Government of Myanmar,  Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi who was scheduled to attend the ground breaking ceremony, cancelled her attendance.

This was due to the fact that Myanmar’s Government was not able to provide  optimal security protection for ministerial level guests, considering that Myanmar’s security forces  were concentrated  at the ASEM Ministerial Meeting in Naypydaw which was attended by approx. 53 Ministers and Minister-level officials from Europe and Asia.

This hospital is a manifestation of  the Indonesian people’s contribution to the people of Rakhine State. The Indonesian hospital will provide health services for all communities in Myaung Bwe inclusively, regardless of their race, religion and background. It is expected that the hospital will be completed by mid 2018.

The Indonesian hospital is built on an area of 12,000 m² with a total building area of 8,000 m² including health staff accommodation and the hospital main building. The hospital is built with a cost of approximately US $ 1.8 million coming from the cooperation of the Government of Indonesia with among others, the contribution of Indonesian society including the Indonesian Red Cross, various NGOs and the private sector.

This groundbreaking ceremony marked the commencement of the second phase construction of medical staff accommodation and the third phase construction of the main building. The first phase of mapping and fence construction has been completed since September 2017.

The Indonesian hospital was built using local material and labor resources as a concrete assistance of Indonesia to increase the economic opportunities of local people and instill the sense of belonging of the hospital.

This hospital assistance is part of the commitment and solidarity from the Government and People of Indonesia to Myanmar and Rakhine State Society.

Previously, Indonesia has also delivered an aid of US$ 1 million for construction of four schools in 2014, 10 containers of basic needs assistance in December 2016 and the construction of two schools in Sittwe which have been inaugurated by the Indonesian Foreign Minister in January 2017.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs