Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Defense Ministry to Build Cyber Defense System
Source: ANTARA News

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian defense ministry said it will build a Cyber Defense Center to preserve the Indonesian sovereignty and integrity from cyber crimes.

"We are asking for suggestion from the ministry of communications and informatics, which is the one that has the capacity to develop Cyber Security," Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said after a meeting with Communications and Informatics Minister Tifatul Sembiring, here on Tuesday.

Development of the cyber defense system will also involve the three services -- the army, navy and air force, Purnomo said.

The communications and informatics ministry will help in providing management system, infrastructure, equipment and human resources, he said.

He said there has been no serious threat to the state sovereignty through cyber crime.

"There has been threat of cyber crime but not to the state defense. However, we need to remain on guard," he said.

Tifatul Sembiring said attacks on cyber world has been growing in the past three years.

He said there were 36.6 million times of attacks on Indonesia, mainly on its economy.

"We need to coordinate with other ministries and government agencies to better improve our cyber security," he said.

Currently the communications and informatics ministry is preparing a body named `National Cyber Security` to forestall cyber attacks.

The body will shelter all cyber defense systems of ministries and other government agencies, Tifatul said.

Other than the defense ministry and the military, there are other agencies to be involved in the National Cyber Security development, he said citing the state police, the state intelligence agency (BIN), State Code Agency, the National Narcotics Body (BNN), the National Anti Terrorism Body (BNPT) and other related agencies such as airports, the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

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