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Blessed with diverse topography and year-round tropical weather, Indonesia’s more than 17,500 islands are home of the second largest biodiversity in the world. The biodiversity as well as cultural diversity very much affect Indonesian culinary, that Indonesians have a saying, if you fly an hour away, you will experience a completely different culinary. More than that, culinary is an important part of our daily life, as we believe it is a reflection of our heritage, diversity, and most importantly true Indonesian hospitality.

We hope one day you can experience authentic Indonesian culinary with fresh ingredients in our homeland. But for now, enjoy Indonesian yummy delicacies from these shops which are located in DMV area or deliver/ship to DMV area.

Some Indonesian culinary are not that difficult to prepare at home. You can find the ingredients in local grocery stores or Asian grocery stores in DMV area. You can also order them from Waroeng Jaya or pick them up at the Indonesian & Asian Market in Derwood, MD.

Click here to watch cooking videos on how to make Es Teler (iced, tropical fruity drink) and Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)



source: Tempe Movement USA

Tempe(h) is a superfood resulted from fermented soybean, originated in Java, hundreds of years ago. Not only it is highly nutritious, but it is gut-friendly for babies in the womb up to the elderlies! Tempe(h) production is also more cost efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the production of beef. Its low sodium content and zero fat allows versatility in cooking it, which has inspired chef and foodies across the archipelago and around the world. You can find tempe(h) in most grocery stores in the U.S.

Find some tempe(h) recipes, including Es Puter Tempe (Vegan-Friendly, Tempe-Coconut Milk Ice Cream) on or

Learn more about tempe(h) – Indonesia’s gift to the world – from Tempe Movement USA, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raise awareness and promote about the benefit of tempe(h) in the U.S. and globally.


Satay / Saté

Bored with your regular barbecue options?
Click here for 3 different satay/saté (Indonesian grill skewered protein) recipes from different parts of Indonesia that will definitely amaze your taste buds and your companions’. You can replace the meat with a vegetarian/vegan protein of your choice, if preferred.



Finally, if you are true foodie and are not convinced enough to start planning a culinary journey to Wonderful Indonesia, this movie, Aruna and Her Palate (Aruna dan Lidahnya) that is currently available on Netflix, should give you some destination inspirations for your upcoming itinerary!