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Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia virtual showcase, presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the event of Passport DC 2021, 1-31 May 2021.

This year, we are delighted to be back through digital platform, where you can learn more about Wonderful Indonesia: from art and music performances, to authentic Indonesian culinary that is available in DMV area.

Let us embrace the diversity among different cultures, to foster better people-to-people relationship.


Watch Wonderful Indonesia

Groove of Sumatra – an intercultural performance bringing music from Sumatra island by House of Angklung DC representing the Sundanese/West Javanese traditional musical instruments, Rumah Gadang USA representing Minang/West Sumatran culture, and Saroha USA representing the Batak/North Sumatran culture, at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage in 2017.

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Taste Wonderful Indonesia 

#FoodTruckFriday with Java Cove DC

Click to explore more about Indonesian culinary, including recipes and where you can get them in DMV area!


Experience Wonderful Indonesia

Tempe(h) is fermented soybean originated in Java, Indonesia. In addition to containing nutritions and probiotics which are good for fetus up to the elderly, tempe is more environmental friendly. Thus, it is a gift from Indonesia to the world! You can find in most grocery/online produce stores, but you can also easily make it at home, as shown in the video by Indonesian Tempe Movement above.

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Shop Wonderful Indonesia

Indonesia is proudly represented by the following 3 vendors in the Winternational Virtual Marketplace 2020-2021!
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BATAX – fashion by Indonesian-American designer




Dua Coffee DC – specialty coffee shop in DC using single origin beans from Indonesia

Waroeng Jaya – Online grocery for Indonesian produce and pantry items


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Visit Wonderful Indonesia

Click to explore Indonesia’s tourism destinations virtually and learn more our updated safe travel protocols.